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Market Data Platform

Take the operational risk out of your market data processes

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How do you manage your data sources?

In order to relieve you from the burden of maintenance and distribution of market data, Zanders is presenting the Market Data Platform. This solution is powered by and enables you to easily manage your data.


We help you improve each stage of the data management cycle.

Data collection

The Market Data Platform will simplify your data collection process, by serving as a hub between multiple data sources and target systems. Manage your data from one central interface.

Tailored solution

Data Validation

The Market Data Platform saves time by automating your data validation process. Data is checked across different sources and data quality is ensured by comparing values over time.


Our solution helps ensure that your data is ready to be used for any purpose, anytime. The Zanders Market Data Platform transforms your data to the desired format so it can be used in any target system.


Our solution helps you deal with different systems and interfaces, by streamlining the distribution of your data. The Market Data Platfrom serves as a central data hub by distributing data directly to your target systems.


Worried about the implementation? Zanders supports you from start to finish.

An experienced team of consultants assist Zanders’ clients with the implementation of the Zanders Market Data Platform. The implementation results in end-to-end market data governance across your enterprise. Afterwards, Zanders will provide functional support.


Offering a solution for comprehensive and enterprise-wide data management.

The Market Data Platform provides a single source of truth for market data across the entire system landscape. Configurable transformation rules allow the distribution of data from any source format into any target system format.

How we create value.

The Market Data Platform is tailored to clients that consume large amounts of market data form various source systems. Our solution ensures data quality and results in lower cost of data ownership. Our authorization and security framework ensures that your data is reliable and safe.


Realize your state-of-the-art market data architecture.

Market data from every market across the globe, delivered through a single solution, deployed to meet your needs. Design your own workflows for exception handling, approvals, data quality and processing.

With out-of-the-box connectivity to the major providers and services, the extensive configurability of our solution allows the inclusion of new providers and services with ease.

Why Zanders?

  • Leading consultancy firm in treasury, risk and finance
  • Experts with strong quantitative skills
  • Award-winning platform offering a broad range of solutions
  • Hands-on experience with system implementations